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At North Shore Golf Club, we have many membership variations available. Whether it be Full, Midweek, Veteran, Limited or even Junior membership, we have a category for you. Give us a call during office hours, send us an email or drop into the office and we will be happy to assist with any enquiry you may have.
All subscriptions expire 31 December. We currently have a number of membership areas open.
We have introduced a sliding scale of fees for ages from 20 through to 39. Set out below are the charges but if you require any further information please contact the office.
 Full Playing
 $2295 $2085
 Midweek $1870 $1870
 9 Hole $1085 $1085
 Social $80 $80
 Juniors $345 $345
 Full Playing 20 years $580 $580
 Full Playing 21 years $705 $705
 Full Playing 22 years $830 $830
 Full Playing 23 years $940 $940
 Full Playing 24 years $1055 $1055
 Full Playing 25 years $1140 $1140
 Full Playing 26 years $1210 $1210
 Full Playing 27 years $1295 $1295
 Full Playing 28 years $1365 $1365
 Full Playing 29 years $1450 $1450
 Full Playing 30 years $1520 $1505
 Full Playing 31 years $1600 $1560
 Full Playing 32 years $1675 $1620
 Full Playing 33 years $1760 $1680
 Full Playing 34 years $1835 $1735
 Full Playing 35 years $1915 $1795
 Full Playing 36 years $1990 $1855
 Full Playing 37 years $2070 $1920
 Full Playing 38 years $2140 $1985
 Full Playing 39 years $2225 $2035
Members are entitled to entertain any number of visitors in the Clubhouse at all times except when special conditions are laid down by the Board of Directors. Members must remain with their guests while they are on the Club premises, and are fully responsible for them during this time.
New Members
It is the responsibility of a proposer and seconder immediately a nominee is elected to membership to see that such new member is introduced to other members, is advised of all rules governing the conduct of the Club and is sufficiently advanced in the knowledge of the Rules of Golf to be competent to perform the duties of a marker of a fellow competitor.
How To Join
To join North Shore Golf Club you must be nominated and seconded by members of at least 12 months standing. If, however, you do not know a member call in and see us and we can support your application.
The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, seek further information in relation to any applicant for membership.